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The Creature Teacher

Belinda Henry

Owner and The Creature Teacher

20160306_152401_ShortThe Creature Teacher has been educating children of all ages for 15 years.  We hold over 400 shows each year at various libraries, schools, private parties, and scouting events. In October 2011, the original owner and founder, Robyn Wheeler, retired from animal education in order to further pursue a writing career.  The new owner, Belinda Henry, is a former educator.  Belinda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and spent 15 years in the medical profession before entering the education field.  Belinda spent several years as a home school mom to her three children before returning to full time instruction.  Recently, she served as the Nature Center Coordinator at Sky Ranch Christian Camps in Van, TX as well as an educator in their Outdoor Education Program. Belinda and her family are avid animal lovers that hope to share their appreciation for these incredible animals and the positive influence they have on the environment around us. “People always tell me, ‘Wow, you must love animals to do this job’ and I always tell them, ‘no I do this job because I love children, the animals are just icing on the cake’.” Belinda Henry