My Pet Kangaroo

As the Creature Teacher, I get asked some interesting questions.  Probably my most popular questions is “why do you have a pet kangaroo?”  I think the better question is “why doesn’t everyone?”  Kangaroos are awesome!  They are lazy and are mostly all about eating and sleeping.  Those facebook posts you see where a kangaroo is […]

Jaxx the baby kangaroo is a huge hit!!

This adorable joey is our newest addition.  We would love to be a part of your next event!!

Coming to a library near you!

Be watching for The Creature Teacher to visit your neighborhood library this summer.  Last year we learned about animal super powers with Jaxx the kangaroo, Pickles the giant bullfrog, Scooter the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortoise”, and more! Be watching for us in 2016 as our theme will be “What’s Eatin’ You?” We will talk about […]

Something fishy going on at Liberty Christian

There was something very fishy going on this past Friday, at Liberty Christian Elementary in Argyle, Tx.  The Creature Teacher paid the students and Mrs. Shoopman a visit and brought along a host of sea creatures including a parrot fish, puffer fish, shark jaws and more.  It was a successful end to their study of […]