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We loved it! We had them out for our daughter’s 7th birthday, and she thought it was amazing! She loved getting to hold each of the animals, and feeling like the star of the show… even though the animals were really the stars! And Bobby was awesome! He was super friendly, and really kept the kids attention! We will definitely be recommending them to everyone! – Kristi

Our Newest Educator is Located in Prosper!

This is great news for our customers in the Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton, Prosper, The Colony, Denton, Little Elm, Lewisville and surrounding areas. We have added another educator in this area to better serve you.  We are super excited and know this will make scheduling your next program a breeze.

Meet the Creatures of the Far North!

Meet our sweet girl joey, Roux (get it, Roux instead of Roo?).  She is still just a baby, but there is a lot of adorable spunk packed into that little cutie.

Fact:  Did you know that adult red male kangaroos are called boomers, but the adult females are called blue flyers? The adult females are smaller than their male counterparts and will maintain a blueish tint to theircoats.

Fact: Did you know that a big group of kangaroos is called a mob?

Fact: Did you know that kangaroos love junk food?  We typically stick to the healthy snacks, but an occasional chip or goldfish cracker is a welcomed treat.

She is exclusive to the far north branch. Book a program today and let us bring this adorable creature to your home or classroom.  There is so much to learn about these incredible animals. Let us teach you more!


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