The Creature Teacher
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My Pet Kangaroo

As the Creature Teacher, I get asked some interesting questions.  Probably my most popular questions is “why do you have a pet kangaroo?”  I think the better question is “why doesn’t everyone?”  Kangaroos are awesome!  They are lazy and are mostly all about eating and sleeping.  Those facebook posts you see where a kangaroo is beating up something or someone, well, kinda give those gentle giants a bad name.  While the ones in the wild can be much larger and much more aggressive, in captivity these creatures can be super sweet.  Jaxx loves attention and minds fairly well.  You really cannot housebreak a roo, but he will wear a diaper and loves to stay outside.  They don’t jump on the furniture and never bark at the neighbors.  What’s required to own a kangaroo?  Well, more about that in my next blog.  Stay tuned!