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The Creature Teacher
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For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What ages are best for this type of program?

A: Generally 3 to 100.  It’s a party perfect for almost any age!  Very few people ever outgrow their love of animals.

Q: Is it something a teenager would enjoy?

A: Some of our best programs are for the teenage group.  They LOVE the opportunity to hang out with the animals.

Q: Do we get to pick the animals or do you?

A: You pick which animals you want us to bring.  We sometimes offer suggestions, but you do the choosing!

Q: Is it best to do this program inside or outside?

A: If the weather is nice enough that the children are comfortable without sweating, it is usually ok for the animals to be outside.  We do ask that the area be shaded for the animals in the warm months.

Q: How many guests do you recommend for birthday parties?

A: Not more than 20 is our recommendation.

Q: How many students do you recommend for educational programs?

A: Groups of 30 or less can touch. Due to time constraints larger groups may not have an opportunity to touch each animal, but no group is too large for school or library programs.

Q:What do we need to do to prepare for your visit?

A: Remove all pets and balloons from the room, clear an area where the kiddos can sit in a large horseshoe, and make sure any guests wanting to touch the animals are finished eating.  No food is allowed until hands are washed!

Q: Does everyone get to touch the animals?

A: Yes, with only a few exceptions, our animals are “touchable” and all your guests can touch (even the adults) if they want.  For parties having more than 20 guests, time might not allow for every animal to be touched, but we will do our best!

Q: Does everyone get to hold the animals?

A: Unless you choose the photo option, only the birthday child can hold.  That makes it special for them!

Q: How does the photo option work?

A: After the allotted time, we will let each guest hold one of the animals while you take the picture.

Q: How do we get a reservation?

A: Fill out a contact form on the website, email us directly at thecreatureteacher@yahoo.com, or call us at 469.446.0123.

Q: Are tips allowed?

A: Tips are never required or expected, but always appreciated.  Our instructors can accept cash, tips can be added at the time of payment through the confirmation email, or you can go back to the instructors page and leave them comments/gratuities directly through this link after the program has been completed: Teachers