With a wide array of amazing animals, we are able to not only educate, but also entertain children of all ages. Whether it’s for a birthday party, summer reading program, school enrichment, class instruction, VBS, festival or corporate event, The Creature Teacher will bring an experience of a lifetime. Children and adults alike will be amazed how incredible the various animals are when they are up close and personal.

Our professional staff members are courteous and entertaining. They will introduce you to each species, share important facts about each creature, and leave you with a new appreciation for these animals.

You can customize your experience by letting us know what animals you would like us to bring or what program would best fit your curriculum needs.


Look for us at your local library!!

It’s summer and that means it’s summer reading time!  We will be at many of the local libraries with our incredible line up of animals.  Our theme this year is NATURE ROCKS!!  We will take a look at how animals communicate through sounds, songs, rattles, chirps, and sometimes no sound at all.  We will learn how nature can rock, rattle and roll!!

Please join us! These programs are always free to the public and a great way to learn about the incredible animals we have on this earth.    Mark it on your calendar.  Get there early.  So far we have had record setting crowds!  Come by and say hi. We can’t wait to meet you!!

If you missed us in June, there is still time.  Check out all these programs still ahead!!


2nd – 1:00 – Balch Springs Library

3rd – 10:00 and 12:00 – Little Elm Library

9th – 2:30 – East Irving Library

11th – 10:30 – Lillie Russell Library (Lindale)

12th – 3;00 – Mesquite Library

13th – 10:30 and 11:30 – Tyler Public Library

17th – 1:00 – Dallas West Branch Library

18th – 2:00 – Overton Library

19th – 10:00 – Corsicana Library

1:00 – Rains County Library

2:00 – Skillman Branch Library

20th – 4:00 – Park Forest Library

24th – 1:00 – Paul Laurence Dunbar Lancaster= Keist branch Library

26th – 10:00 and 11:00 – Henderson County Library

2:00 – Red Waller Library (Malakoft)


2nd – 2:00 Rube Sessions (Wells)

9th – Timberglen Library

Other ways to see The Creature Teacher:

Starting July 1st, we will be displaying some of our awesome animals at The Shacks Dining and Dog Park in The Colony from 12:30pm – 2:30pm as part of their Sunday Fundays.  We will be there on the first Sunday of each month through November and each month will have a different animal theme.  Come out and enjoy a Sunday brunch and live music.  This event is open to the public.  For more info, visit their website

The Shacks at Austin Ranch – 5800 Windhaven Pkwy, The Colony, TX


Why We Do What We Do-

We are passionate about animals and the people who love them.  If a child grows up without ever experiencing the amazing beauty of the creatures that share this earth, how will they respect them as adults?  We strive to not only educate children of all ages (yes, adults too) about our animals, but give them a better understanding of the importance of all creatures.  From the smallest insect to the largest reptile, as creatures, we all have a purpose.  We want to provide an appreciation of their existence.

And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds—livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.” And it was so. Genesis 1: 24


Our Animals-

Many of our animals are rescues or pets in need of good homes.  They are ALL loved by us and spoiled rotten!  Our kangaroos are highly socialized and actually love sitting with us by the fireplace during the cold winter evenings.  They all live in comfortable habitats, or in our yard.  All of our animals do well around people. If we add a new animal ambassador that isn’t a good fit,  they are retired from our program and found more suitable homes.  We strive to protect the safety of the animal as well as those we allow to come in contact with them.  Our animals don’t do tricks, they are for educational purposes only, and treated with love and respect.  They are all amazing in their own way and will make you smile and sometimes laugh out loud!  They are heartwarming and amazing.  We love them and know you will too.

We absolutely loved the Creature Teacher at our son’s 6th Birthday Party. She was so easy to communicate with throughout the process and the presentation was so perfect! Thank you!! Jessie


Why Book Your Event With The Creature Teacher?

That’s actually a great question!  Anyone with a handful of animals can do animal programs.  What sets us apart is that we do things the right way.  We have a Class C Exhibitor’s license with the USDA.  It is a legal requirement to have this license before showing any mammals for entertainment or education.  Many businesses are operating without going through the proper channels.  Anyone doing animal programs with mammals without the proper license can risk heavy fines and/or being shut down.  The USDA inspects the licensees and makes sure that proper care, clean conditions, current vet visits, and detailed documentations are maintained.  This oversight helps you rest assured that only healthy animals that are kept in clean habitats will be coming to your home, school, library, etc.  Before you book with anyone, ask if they have the appropriate USDA license.

Another great reason for choosing The Creature Teacher is that all of our teachers have either Master of Education or Bachelor of Science degrees and are experienced in the teaching field.  We are more than just a Google search.  We have curriculum that enhances the learning potential of each child.  We are familiar with the grade appropriate TEKS and encourage learning.  We think that every moment can be a teachable moment.  We aim for those that watch our programs to come away smarter than they were when we started!  Laugh, live and learn.

We had The Creature Teacher come for my twin boys’ 6th birthday party and it was so amazing! The boys loved every minute of it and I know it will be a great lifelong memory for them that they got to have a baby kangaroo come to their bday party and that they got to hold a huge snake! Highly recommended for your kiddos who are into animals.- Denise


The Creature Teacher Features!

Jaxx and Ms. B were featured in the Now Magazine – July 2016!

The Creature Teacher