School Programs

The heart of our business is education. We take great pride in our school enrichment programs. We are familiar with grade level science TEKS and structure our programs to strengthen those skills needed to improve STAAR test scores. Some of our most popular school programs are listed below. If you don’t see the exact program you are needing, then give us a call and we will be happy to custom design curriculum to fit the learning needs of your classroom.

Our School Programs:

The Creature Teacher – One instructor comes to your classroom or school with our amazing animals. We can do anywhere from 1 – 6 programs, back to back. These programs can be either 30, 45, or 60 minute in length.

Education Station – Two or more of our instructors will set up a “booth-type” display with educational items that the students can come by to see and experience. We generally also bring 4-5 of our live animals (including mammals, reptiles, and arthropods). These are great for come and go events, science nights, etc. These stations are from 2-3 hours only.

STEAM Team – We bring out our team! Our group of instructors will come to your school for a full educational experience!! Our staff will set up in separate locations on your campus, do simultaneous programs, and the students will rotate to us. You choose the programs that best fit your students. This is a perfect option for STEAM nights/events or for in-house field trips!

Class Options

Fur vs Scales – This class reinforces the difference between mammals and reptiles.  By seeing and touching animals like the chinchilla, patagonia cavy, and hedgehog, students can get an idea of the function of fur and what it takes to survive as a warm blooded animal.  Once they see and touch reptiles like the skink, chameleon, and snake, they can better understand the different functions of scales and how cold blooded animals survive in their environment.

Popular Picks – Just a variety of our crowd favorites and a fun and entertaining program explaining facts about each animal.

Desert Animals – The African spurred tortoise, bearded dragon, tarantula, and red kangaroo are a few of our animals that are equipped to survive in a dry desert climates.  We discuss what structures and survival techniques these creatures have that allow them to endure hot summers and drought conditions.

Rainforest Animals – We start at the floor of the forest and examine creatures such as the decomposers (like the giant millipede) that help break down debris and deposit nutrients in the soil. We also discuss the skink and salamander and their roles in the forest.  We observe and discuss the frogs, sugar gliders and snakes that might be found as we make our way to the canopy.

Trip Around the World – This interesting program takes students on a trip around the world with stops on various continents to explore the animals that live there, and fun facts about each. This is a great geography class.

Biomes – This class is very similar to the Trip Around the World program, but deals more with the biomes and the animals that live in each.  This is also a great geography program!

Food Chain – “What’s Eating You?”– This class begins with decomposers like worms, millipedes, and cockroaches and works it’s way up the food chain.  This class is a fun and interesting way for students to learn and appreciate the animals that comprise each level and their importance.

Endangered Species – Students take a look at some endangered species and discuss man’s role in habitat destruction and over hunting.  Students will learn the dangers of  invasive species.

The Wonders Down Under – Goodday Mate! This program is an exciting look at some of Australia’s most interesting creatures like the blue tongued skink, bearded dragon, sugar glider, wallaby, and Jaxx, the big red kangaroo.  This class discusses the various climates on this continent and what it takes to survive down under.

Not So Secret Lives of Pets – A first hand look at some of The Creature Teacher’s picks for pets.  Taking on a pet is a huge responsibility, and this program addresses some options, the pros and cons of each, and helpful hints when picking out a pet.

God’s Amazing Creatures – It’s hard to look at our amazing animals without thinking what an awesome God created each one for a special purpose.  Every one is unique and wonderful and we would love to bring out some of our favorites to show your group. This is one of our favorite classes!  This is perfect for home school groups, private Christian schools, or youth groups.