10 Weeks, 10 Awesome Ideas For Your Teen’s Summer Break

10 Weeks, 10 Awesome Ideas For Your Teen’s Summer Break

Summer break only lasts so long, and you can only go to the pool so many times before your teens start to get bored. Today, The Creature Teacher dives straight into a few awesome options that can help open up your young adult’s mind to new experiences.

Encourage entrepreneurship.
If your teen has ever shown any interest in forging their own future, encourage them to start their own small business this summer. They might, for example, start mowing yards and pressure washing houses for the neighbors. 

Help them write a business plan, get their marketing materials together, and figure out a legal structure. Consider forming an LLC in Texas for them because this protects them financially and offers some tax benefits.

Teach them to code.
Is your teen more interested in computers and technology? CodeProfs has more information on how to learn to code. There are plenty of tips on how to understand coding messages, errors, and other issues that can help them get past the learning curve.

Send them to lifeguard training.
When your teen is more interested in fun in the sun, consider lifeguard training. The American Lifeguard Association explains that this type of course can teach swimming rescue tactics, CPR, and crucial first-aid skills.

Volunteer together.
Volunteering is a great way to get your child away from video and out into the real world to help solve real problems. Many organizations accept volunteers as young as 14 or 15 years old, and you should have no problem finding something that appeals to you both with a quick Google search.

Help them start a YouTube channel.
A YouTube channel is a great way for your teenager to express their individualism. It might be best to keep their face off video and you’ll need to remind them never to share their personal information. However, they can always do video game walk-throughs or even stop-motion animation. Check out this video to see tips from an inspiring six-year-old stop-motion animation director.

Organize a neighborhood cleanup.
Your teen is no doubt already a social media master. Encourage them to use this platform to organize a neighborhood cleanup. The Green Matters blog explains this is fairly simple and requires establishing a time, getting the right supplies, and knowing where your collected waste will go.

Invest in a garden.
It doesn’t matter how late in the summer you are; there’s always an opportunity to grow something. Gardening can help your teen learn all about where their food comes from while also nurturing their own plants from seedling to supper table.

Take them to an outdoor music festival.
Outdoor music festivals are a great way to enjoy music and also step away from the computer or phone screen. Most outdoor music festivals take place during the summer, and tickets are typically well within the affordable range. I Am Teen Strong offers lots of safety tips, including sticking with a group and having an emergency information card and a fully charged phone.

Have them plan a road trip.
Road trips are one of the summer’s greatest pleasures. Give your teen access to Google Maps, and let them pick a few interesting spots to stop at on your road trip together. Give them a driving time limit, such as two or three hours, and tell them they can choose anywhere within that distance from home.

Host an animal-oriented birthday party.
Even if your child’s birthday is in the winter, you can still schedule an amazing birthday party with up to seven animals, including a kangaroo! This does not have to be a single-day-only event, and you can have your child research the animals they’ve encountered long after the party’s over.

Summer is an opportunity to think outside of the box. Today’s tips, including starting a business, growing a garden, and learning how to code, are just a few of the almost unlimited ways you can make this a summer to remember for the teens and tweens in your life.

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