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Tegu Lizard

Tegu Lizard

Tegu Lizard

Great for all ages

This giant laid back lizard is native to Argentina.  They love to flick their long tongs to smell their surroundings and search for food.  Tegus come in a variety of species: red, blue, black and white, and more. They can be as tame as a house cat or can be fairly dangerous in the wild.  They are known for their large size and giant jowls.  Their giant tails are powerful weapons against predators.

Tegus are diurnal (sleep at night) and terrestrial (love the ground and not a climber). They love to eat snails, fruit, insects, and eggs. 

They are an invasive species in Florida.


*Fun fact: black and white tegus are the only warm blooded reptiles in the world, having the ability to slightly warm their body temperatures during mating season.